16-20th April 2018


Monday April 16.

Morning (start 09:30)
Welcome, logistics, organisation
Presentation about ISSI (TBC)
Talk: Making radioactive nuclei in accelerators - Xiaodong Tang
Talk: Making radioactive nuclei in supernovae - Projjwal Bannerjee

Overview discussion about fields of expertise
Talk: Observing Radioactive Nuclei in the Sky - Diehl
Defining work plan of the week, work group definitions
Discussion: Defining chapters and connections for Summary Paper (PASA)

Tuesday April 17.

Morning (start 09:30)
Talk: Finding and measuring radioactive nuclei in presolar grains - Anton Wallner
Talk: Observations of radioactivities in space - Wei Wang
Talk: Grain formation and inclusion of radioactivities - Davide Lazzati (TBC)
Discussion: Challenges in observational constraints

Work Groups: Defining State of the Art
Discussion: chapter overlaps and connections

Wednesday April 18.

Morning (start 09:30)
Talk: Radioactive nuclei in the solar system - Maria Lugaro
Talk: Production of Radioactivities in low-mass stars/binary stars - Carolyn Doherty
Talk: Nuclear Physics of 26Al production - Ertao Li
Discussion: Challenges in Chemical Evolution, Feedback, and Population Synthesis

Group excursion, Beijing

Thursday April 19.

Morning (start 09:30)
Talk: Massive Star Evolution Models for Radioactive Yields - Alexander Heger
Talk: Theoretical Determinations of Nuclear Reactions - Kuoang Li
Talk: Measurement of 25Mg(p,g)26Al at JUNA - Zhihong Li
Discussion: Challenges in Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Modelling

Work Groups: Defining the Future of the Field.
Work Groups: Defining new Collaborative Projects, work plans
Work Groups: Start of project work
Summary and Group coordination

Friday April 20.

Morning (start 09:30)
Work groups: Summary

Work groups: Collaborative work.