L. Szabados

Period changes of bright southern Cepheids

No. 94 (Vol. 11, Part 1)
Budapest, 1989


O-C diagrams have been constructed for 44 bright southern Cepheids, mainly for studying the effects of duplicity on the pulsation period. Because the light-time effect in the O-C diagrams of binary Cepheids has to be accompanied with properly phased variations in the gamma-velocity, the radial velocities of the programme stars have been studied, as well. Light-time effect is found or suspected in eleven cases (V946 Aql, AX Cir, AG Cru, BG Cru, BF Oph, AP Pup, AT Pup, Y Sgr, AP Sgr, R TrA and V Vel), and a preliminary value of the orbital period is suggested for 14 Cepheid binaries (V946 Aql, AX Cir, AG Cru, Y Oph, BF Oph, AP Pup, AT Pup, U Sgr, Y Sgr, AP Sgr, BB Sgr, RV Sco, R TrA and V Vel). The phenomenon of the phase jump (i.e. the return of the pulsation period to an earlier value) is present in the O-C diagram of eight binaries (U Aql, YZ Car, KN Cen, S Mus, S Nor, Y Oph, U Sgr and V350 Sgr).

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