Fernando Cruz-Sáenz de Miera

I have been a part of the SACCRED group since Summer of 2017, working with radio observations of FUor-like objects. Our observational data comes from different facilities like ALMA, NOEMA/IRAM and APEX. We use these observations to study the dust and gas surrounding these protostars.

From the dust, we analyze its properties and its distribution around the young eruptive stars. Here is a sample of one of the targets observed with ALMA:

In this image, you can see the dust in the L1551 IRS 5 system. The system is composed of a protobinary and it is surrounded by circumbinary emission in the shape of a ring. We published these results here:…882L…4C/abstract

From the observations of gas we can see how it moves around the system. Here is L1551 IRS 5 again from ALMA:

Here you see how the CO gas clearly traces the bipolar outflow. The black lines on the center of the image are the contours of the dust emission you saw on the previous image. This is still part of a work in progress (Cruz-Sáenz de Miera et al., in prep.).