Variable Star Census in CoRoT "Eyes"


Benkő, J. M.; Csubry, Z.


A complete catalog of variable stars in the possible observing areas ("eyes") of the CoRoT satellite is presented. All known data sources were cross-correlated and compiled confirming the variability of 81 stars formerly known as suspected variables. By means of the TIFRAN program package a comprehensive variability search was carried out on the NSVS (ROTSE-I) database for the first time in these regions. This search has demonstrated the effectiveness of TIFRAN as a tool for finding and analyzing variable stars in big databases. Our catalog contains 4925 variable stars of which 1396 stars are new discoveries. Also appended is a list of 198 suspected variable stars.

Bibliographic Code: 2007AcA....57...73B, ADS

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