Detre Centennial Conference

Eds.: L.G. Balázs, L. Szabados and A. Holl

No. 104 (Vol. 13, Part 4)
Budapest, 2006

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Foreword [PS] [HTML]
Curriculum Vitae [HTML]
László Detre and the Konkoly Observatory (L.G. Balázs) [PS] [HTML]
Variable star research at the Konkoly Observatory - The first 75 years (B. Szeidl) [PS] [HTML]
The Piszkéstetô Mountain Station of the Konkoly Observatory (B.A. Balázs) [PS] [HTML]
László Detre and the Department of Astronomy of the Loránd Eötvös University (B. Érdi) [PS] [HTML]
László Detre and German-Hungarian relationships (G. Wolfschmidt) [PS] [HTML]
Astronomische Geräte von Carl Zeiss Jena in Ungarn (H. Beck) [PS] [HTML]
Photographic observation of globular clusters in the Konkoly Observatory (K. Barlai) [PS] [HTML]
Conventional and new directions in studying Cepheids (L. Szabados) [PS] [HTML]
Stellar activity and the Konkoly Observatory: the beginnings (K. Oláh) [PS] [HTML]
Spectroscopic studies of star forming regions (M. Kun) [PS] [HTML]
Flare star investigation - two decades of cooperative observational study in Budapest and Byurakan (I. Jankovics) [PS] [HTML]
Active binary stars (L. Patkós) [PS] [HTML]
Fundamental parameters of pulsating stars from atmospheric models (Sz. Barcza) [PS] [HTML]
Formation of the supercluster-void network (J. Einasto) [PS] [HTML]